Try to figure this out.  In the beginning was a little tiny atom.  This atom was on the eve of creation.  Atom and Eve.  Atom exploded and there it all happens.  Then atom and whatever was left after the explosion evolved into something.  Eventually man came about after a really long while.  Man then had to keep track of things so he invented time.  Before there was really no need for time but man needed to punch a clock.  Now a bunch of men and women started sharing a big round thing with a bunch of plants and animals.  The atoms were there with billions of tiny bacterial and microscopic teeny tiny things man could not see.  Now what?

Crawling out of men and women’s brains came thoughts, theories, that were formed out of their imaginations.  The now humans.  Decided the real stuff was decided because a majority of humans got together and believed in what the largest group of humans believed.  That only lasted until some humans convinced other humans that they were “educated” and they “studied” so they were the only ones who could decide what was theory and then turned their theories into reality.  Which was ok with the majority of humans who were just trying to survive looking for food and shelter. Another time consuming thing humans were also doing was entering each others pleasure holes to make other humans.  Men doing most of the entering with their strange hard muscles under their bellies.

That’s it!