A human was on the inside of the world. Twirling the contents of owner shipped material purchases only a being on the inside can twirl. Love and contentment slipped in and outside of illusions of this human. Limitations of a locked and unlocked mind continually devoured time served. Thus there was no inside without the outside nor an outside playing the inside. Which created tornado’s of dust when thoughts tried to plant themselves in a fertile mind field.

Confusion was the name of the horse this human rode. The journey was a continual fictional non fictional form of a theory that sometimes stumbled over fact littered potholes on the highway travelled. The road signs were plenty and pointed in all form of directions pointed up, down, sideways, true north and false south. Stop, yield, go, caution and other signs flipped their fingers on which way to go. Only the human was responsible for the direction of the inside journey. All others clamored on the outside of the trip.

This human had hidden pictured thoughts rainbowing all sorts of feelings. Some were flagrantly tossed around the outside while others locked up forever lost on the inside. Religiously science joined to police the sanity of insanity joined in a marriage of something called the system. All thus was flushed down a sanitized toilet into an foul cesspool. Somewhere a garbage heap claims treasured antiques that roll down the outside claimed by the few on the inside collecting this refuse.

Clarity fogs the outside in order to protect the inside. Water is changed into wine and wine is changed into a hangover. The human stands, sits, kneels then lay down inside the outside of …..!