Words seem to be abundant in all languages.  Therefore with so many words about anyone should be able to use these massive amount of words and write just about anything.  The problem is that in order to create with words they have to be in the right order to make some kind of sense.  Agatha Christie and Steve King know how to arrange words and incorporate them into sentences then paragraphs that fill pages ending in stories we so love to read.  

The creative mind is the thing that shuffles these words into the correct order.  Tolstoy, Poe and Biblical writers spill volumes of words all over paper, ink, pen, papyrus, or where ever words are visible.    A gift from God?  A curse of the Devil? The quest of a Don Quixote?  Questionable words indeed.  

Dictionaries grew from words seeded throughout time.  Man and woman seem to have to organize, label and alphabetize.  How does one decide which words produce humor, drama, romance, or poetry? How long will writers produce lists of other actions and reactions ingested by the reader?  Historic words are fictional and nonfictional attempts to record times past and present.  Laws written save, compensate, alleviate, and cause death and incarcerations.  

Then there is the tower that collapsed into a vast array of languages.  Cultures cultured words and geography.  Dogs barked, cates mewed, horses neighed, animals grunted, making noises that would never be displayed on  paperback pages that insects devour.  

I found these words written here in a backpack laying on the floor of my brain. I will continue to stroll around and inspire my synapses to fire and print more words on the coat hangers I take these words from.  I will dress them up to look good on a computer word thingy.  Maybe verbally abuse  these words in front of friends by misusing them.  Who knows.  After all they are just words.