My name is Frank Annis. I have been hiding in the attic with my family for 2 weeks now. It all started when the world governments put a home quarantine for every human on the planet. The quarantine started suddenly without prior notice. The problem was like the game of ,”Sitting Chairs.” When this all started wherever one was is where they had to stay. Children in school were stuck in school with their teacher and the janitor. People in department stores had to sleep with the manikins in the windows. Baby sitters were now on perpetual baby sitting lock down. Gas stations had workers sleeping in the garages. The only real happy people were the alcoholics that were stuck in bars and pubs.

Actually I am a stay at home father. When this all started. I had just finished doing the shopping at Coscos and Sams Club. My wife, a school Principal, gave me a list of things to get. I had left our youngest child, Alice 6 month old baby, with our neighbor Brenda. Brenda is a woman of about 68 years old. She lives alone and loves baby sitting. In fact she runs a sort of unlicensed day care for all the neighbors. It just happened that way. Brenda makes good cookies, which all us stay at home fathers love. Plus her daughter that helps is a former porn star. We stay at home fathers have all her tapes. Anyway.

This came down so fast and being left alone. I just had to find a way to get my family back. Problem is if anyone leaves their quarantined spot. They would be arrested. Then forced to work in high risk areas like hospitals, Coscos, Sams Club, Walmart or toll booths making sure the travelers have proper paperwork to be on the road. Worse yet the toilet paper mills. I’ll get back to this later.

So there it is. The whole world population stuck all over in places they did not want to be. Why? Someone detected there was an unprecedented color in the atmosphere. This color started in Hoboken, NJ, and got the name, ” Eight Shades of Hoboken”. The United States scoffed at this name and uses, “Colors of the World Disease.” The colors quickly spread throughout the world making people sick or even dying. At first people thought it was because the colors stuck to them. Others swore it was because the colors did not stick to them. Still others could not determine if the colors were dark, light, medium or a mix of colors. Whatever, when someone gets sick or dies the governments counts them up and a pandemic of colors is released upon the world.

That is why I am in the attic. I had smuggled some of my relatives and friends in my home to escape the Shades of Color Police. The best place to sequester friends and relatives without detection is the attic. Well. Basement too. They are the people that were not really relatives or friends. Most were delivery people we could not chance to let go.

I have to stop now. The Shades Color Police are driving around the neighborhood. We got a Shades of Color Police Scanner the Amazon delivery person had. Until next time I can write. Be careful and be colorless.