Senator I heard you just had a briefing on UFO’s. Yeah! Not only aren’t there any. We didn’t get snacks during the briefing.

People have different takes on their own realities. A fisherman that basis his or her life on a full or empty net. Has a much different fishing reality then a fisherman with a row boat in a pond. One fishes for pure pleasure the other for pure survival.

Thus the misadventure of humans. Everyone works harder than anyone else. There is never enough to go around. Don’t dare ask for more soup. Rocking the boat is forbidden. Everyone is lucky to have “A” job. Only anti-social people do not follow the rules. Grin and bare it. Or is it grin and bear it. Whatever. Bare it and tell everyone they can kiss it.

You see. I just gave a few examples of the realities of earth bound, top of the food chain bag of blood and bones. Excluding the drug addicts and alcoholics. They seem to want nothing to do with reality. Being there a few thousand times myself. I just cannot blame them. To solve the drug and alcohol problem. Drugs and booze free for all. No wars, no crime, no food, no means of subsistence, no future to worry about. What fun reality is this swimming in?

The reality of male species. The reality of female species. The reality of sex for f… sake? The reality is the same. More babies for whatever sake. The fun is the dilly dallying homophobic reality with scores of fun people dancing ferociously happy. Why are they happy? It is fun opening and closing closet doors as the curious try to peek in. They only thing really interesting in a closet are the clothes. Clothes of course the Emperor does or does not wear, if any.

The reality from the top. The reality from the bottom. The reality from the right or left. The diagonal reality in two, three, or possibly four or five dimensions. Even the totally hopeless absolutely insane mad people have a reality. Not one anyone but them would understand; as you would learn if you ask Alice.

Why all this import on reality? Physical, financial, emotional, spiritual or actual. Actual Reality? Raise your hand if you know the answer. If any one picks you when your hand is up. That is the reality that should be questioned!