I have the fastest internet of all time. The price keeps going up real fast. The actual internet speed keeps slowing down. I feel like I am in a continual rabbit turtle race. Price never matches speed. Speed never matches price.

It has become very strange for someone born over 60 years ago. The same TV programs we watched over and over are now for sale on the Cable/Internet/Whatever TV. Old movies we watched around 5 o’clock during meal times are now being watched for a price. I remember the goofy sponsor that gave away prizes, had bad jokes and stupid costumes. Who knew about 50 years later these same lame movies would cost about $2.99 or up to $14.99 plus.

I am here in the future. Water is for sale. Dirt is for sale. Animals are neutered all the time then sold or adopted. Adoption is for free? There will be a cost.

Fake news! God rest you Walter Cronkite. (Hope I spelled this newsman’s name right). Every political party has their own news station. Data is collected on you every time your buy, sell, sneeze, breathe, itch, or change opinions. Every illness has an expensive pill, shot, lotion or remedy price.

Nice to have frozen, freeze dried, organic, inorganic, processed, unpossessed, food and drink. We are eating grass more and more and meat less and less. 32 cent gasoline is now over 2 sometimes 3 dollars. Sex is everyone’s “Business”. Porn, swearing, cursing, hating, fighting, shooting, killing and 50 year ago criminal and unsociable behavior is know to all children before first grade. The normality of a child is having a relative, brother, sister, mother, father or other relation being on drugs, an alcoholic or just racist mean wife or husband beating on one another a reality.

We elect public officials on what they are financially worth. Morality is like the wind blowing positive and negative or whatever to win elections. People will put the lowest of the low and make them Senators, Congressmen, Presidents and leaders of Countries, Political Parties, Church leaders and whatever the voters elect.

There is a bright side. Looting, killing and violence is an acceptable way to protest. All moral contracts have been broken to allow this. There are certain words we can and cannot say. Not all lives really matter. Guilty in the press until proven guilty in a court of law. Churches are closed down buy the government. People are allowed in public but are asked to wear masks because of pandemics. Not all listen anyway. Infection is ok as long as it is not me. Well. It is expensive to wipe your butt after you poop. Blame this on those cartoon selling TP bears.

Zombies are all over the place. They eat our brains when we watch TV. They eat our livelihoods, our families and infect our children. They steal our identities and suck out all blood and life. The zombies lead us, grow our food, sell up every product manageable on earth and charge great prices to bury, burn, or rip us apart after death.

Welcome to the future.