A Mirror Image Unraveled

After the Creator unraveled all, then life was lastly unraveled. Now unraveling will create life and unraveling will destroy life. The truth of unraveling is found in every possible idea found in minds that can unravel thoughts, ideas or cerebral and mystifying brain firings.

After life and the life of synaptic sparking. The Creator in one profound burst of laughter blurted out to all universes diversity of life. “Let the fun begin!”

Some heard this. For example Woody Allen expressed this divine revelation, in one of his movies, about what the Creator thought. Woody, if I may call him, related that if the living created could not take a joke. Then (intercourse) them. Internet, just trying sanitized in this story.

What unravels you? Think positive. Turn the mirror around. Think negative.

Prepare for the future.

White Out

The world is not flat and it did not start out in darkness. There was light everywhere. Mass energy kept this light going for billions and trillions of years. Then light began to unravel.

Explaining this one must think of a battery, sort of. After a time a battery will grow weak and the energy of it will make light dim or whatever it is charging will grow slow and eventually stop/grow dark. The vast light in the beginning began to experience black out dots as light began to lose energy. Light properties that went dark began to get mass as in dark holes. The more dark masses that broke off began to accumulate and these masses began to bond together eventually becoming rock like. Then after more billions of time. So called planets began to form as the universe began to grow darker. Remaining light sources became known to observers as suns. These suns were enough to spur life on because pure light was too much for life to exist. As in words like blinding, intense, burning or imaginative language for over abundance of light.

Darkness began to creep more and more throughout. This was the first unraveling. The unraveling of light.

No Present Time

This story is written backwards. That is how writing on the internet works sometimes. The posts are written in present time. The past blogs or whatever are read after the present one. This is no problem except the initial warning will be the last thing read. Which my be too late thus, there will be no time for the past.

Health problems that can be related to the unraveling. As solids begin to disappear because of what holds the universe together is not bonding. Mankind will be duped into a great false medical diagnosis. Alzheimer’s, dementia and other brain functioning’s will begin to increase. The connectiveness of the brain will dissolve. The brain matter will not hold together during the unraveling of the universe. Gaps will appear and false information will run rapid throughout the brain.

Elsewhere throughout the body nerve endings will end. Tingling sensations will infiltrate the human body and numbness will take over. Death will occur long before all the body is unraveled making it hard for seeking causes of death. As the unraveling increases there may be some awakening to some mortician somewhere on earth that discovers this. By then, of course, it will be too late.

Will mankind just succumb into sensory depravation? Will mankind just sit around endlessly staring in some zombie like state until the last unravel of matter? It is like trying to catch a ball. The ball moves the moment one gets near enough to pick it up. It will never be possessed ever again. Acknowledgement of knowledge. Poof.


Civilizations have come and gone that will never be discovered. The Earth has been estimated to be so old or young. This is further proof of the unraveling.

When considering molecules or whatever holds solid matter together. Multiple facts confirm that this happens. The proof is in how matter changes from solid to liquid. Then the liquid changes when it evaporates. Thus solids are not solid. Even a human body unravels after death. Decay can be entered into the equation of separation.

The final unraveling will be that nothing will bond anymore. Water will be gone. Human bodies will cease to exist. All matter will not matter at all.

This information is repetitive. The reason is to suggest and prove that the very idea of the instability exists in the universes. But why? What theory do we look to?


After this discussion the world began to unravel.  No one noticed it at first.  It began as a small thing.  So small the most efficient microscopes being looked thru by the most knowledgeable scientists did not notice it at first.  Those tiny pieces of life that were suppose to bond to make solid matter.  Stopped bonding.  Nothing was splitting like was intended.  There were no duplications occurring.  Methods of procreation and other forms linked to creation, birth, or existence creating mechanisms ceased.

Slowly scientists began to wonder.  Where are all the atoms?  Where are all the microbes?  Where are all those neat tiny things that stuff together and become microscopic topic?  Where indeed.

This study must be continued they thought.


A teacher speaks: A caterpillar is a miraculous creature. It wraps itself inside a grave like cocoon. Seemingly dies and resurrects into a beautiful flying butterfly.

Student: How is this so miraculous? Eventually the butterfly will die.

Teacher: If you must ponder that thought you will never become a butterfly.

What cannot be observed can be observed if one has the equipment to look for an observation. Microscopes have indeed opened the mind to picture the tiniest materials that bond, crash and glue together to create solid matter.

Creations became abundant that can be seen, touched, smelled and reformed. How does the miracle of a tree be transformed into a useful tool or man made object to be used as a piece of furniture? Plants become food when beaten then cooked. Animals can go from a living form to a piece of clothing. This bonding of molecules, atoms, neutrons, protons, and whatever makes up matter is beyond imagination and fails because words are not enough to explain the existence of whatever they are.

The author of this story is not a scientist. Scientific words are not part of something that can be shared nor rationalized in what is reported here. Theory is theory and that is as theoretical as it gets. What was stumbled upon that needs to be transcribed? The materials that hold the universe together are separating. Unraveling. No longer bonding together. The fertility of man and woman will one day be infertile as the sperm and egg will no longer form.

Most stories have characters and character development.  The plot of a story seems to plod on with a few or multiple hero’s, villains, major and minor players in a setting which the reader gets to know.  In this story experience, observation, and communication is what feeds the fire of this locomotive run literal journey.

The unraveling of the universe started out very small.  The reality of the unraveling is being witnessed every moment.  Have there been instances that the glue on a stamp would not stick?  Many.  Even super glue fails at times.  Do socks being laundered get misplaced? No.  They just simply lose what holds the material a sock is made of and separate.  The unraveling.  Things go missing or seem to be misplaced and are never found again.  The things unravel.  What has gone missing in a life recently?   People are increasingly reported as “missing.”  A very slow rapture of mortals unraveling becoming hundreds, thousands, or millions of  particles.  Yet.  Has the theory of unraveling ever been considered?  You.  The reader the main and only character in this story.  What has  unraveled or is unraveling that you have observed?  Will you dare to share the insanity of this experience?  Have you noticed that dust particles increase as things go missing.  Well do not fret.  Soon even dust particles will unravel into microscopic pieces of once solid existence.

It is now the collection of facts must begin.

Word of Words

Words seem to be abundant in all languages.  Therefore with so many words about anyone should be able to use these massive amount of words and write just about anything.  The problem is that in order to create with words they have to be in the right order to make some kind of sense.  Agatha Christie and Steve King know how to arrange words and incorporate them into sentences then paragraphs that fill pages ending in stories we so love to read.  

The creative mind is the thing that shuffles these words into the correct order.  Tolstoy, Poe and Biblical writers spill volumes of words all over paper, ink, pen, papyrus, or where ever words are visible.    A gift from God?  A curse of the Devil? The quest of a Don Quixote?  Questionable words indeed.  

Dictionaries grew from words seeded throughout time.  Man and woman seem to have to organize, label and alphabetize.  How does one decide which words produce humor, drama, romance, or poetry? How long will writers produce lists of other actions and reactions ingested by the reader?  Historic words are fictional and nonfictional attempts to record times past and present.  Laws written save, compensate, alleviate, and cause death and incarcerations.  

Then there is the tower that collapsed into a vast array of languages.  Cultures cultured words and geography.  Dogs barked, cates mewed, horses neighed, animals grunted, making noises that would never be displayed on  paperback pages that insects devour.  

I found these words written here in a backpack laying on the floor of my brain. I will continue to stroll around and inspire my synapses to fire and print more words on the coat hangers I take these words from.  I will dress them up to look good on a computer word thingy.  Maybe verbally abuse  these words in front of friends by misusing them.  Who knows.  After all they are just words.

Unreal Quakes of Reality

There are things in the time span of life that are said to defy explanation. The truth is the explanations are too fantastic to believe and are tossed into the realms of insanity. Yet! The vastness of imagination exceeds light years of traveling thru space to reach a destination that is elusive to rationality. Unfolded here is an action of nature that created the Siamese twins born as the result of such notions as earthquakes and dimensional portals.

Earthquakes are know to everyone and mostly acknowledged, studied, explained and found to be accepted as the movement of earth sliding and scraping dirt and rocks about. Which is the simplest acceptance of an Earthquake reality. This interaction in nature causes something that is neither a disaster nor a boon of rewards. Miraculously the conjoined birth confounds the human mind into doubt and awe.

Some scientists ponder lay lines and portals to other dimensions. Vague stories of unworldly alien conveyances slip in and out of reported places throughout the vastness of earth. These portals hide in mountains, oceans, fields, caves and numerous other places nature deems to dedicate. The elusive problem is that the earthquakes effect the fabric of these time and placed areas. Leaving the bafflement of men to deny what is shockingly true. Earthquakes effect the portals of time and space surrounded in the fog of human minds.

Sometimes a so called ghost will appear when nature shakes open a dimensional door or window. Therefore humans, animals and even earth itself is shaken thru and to other existences. This circumstance may find a loved one on a milk carton or on a missing person/pet internet post. Imagine what it would be like to be lost forever in a familiar dimension that holds no form of familiarity at all. This occurrence may be as brief as a ghost ship that appears then slips away from sight. A questionable UFO may crash as the quaking shifts the portal door or window.

Whatever happens during an earthquake? It should be clear that time and space is altered by a natural Mother Nature occurrence that may be a joke of hers. The question lies in the existence of said portals or dimensions. What is it that you will chose to investigate or disregard?

Inside the Outside

A human was on the inside of the world. Twirling the contents of owner shipped material purchases only a being on the inside can twirl. Love and contentment slipped in and outside of illusions of this human. Limitations of a locked and unlocked mind continually devoured time served. Thus there was no inside without the outside nor an outside playing the inside. Which created tornado’s of dust when thoughts tried to plant themselves in a fertile mind field.

Confusion was the name of the horse this human rode. The journey was a continual fictional non fictional form of a theory that sometimes stumbled over fact littered potholes on the highway travelled. The road signs were plenty and pointed in all form of directions pointed up, down, sideways, true north and false south. Stop, yield, go, caution and other signs flipped their fingers on which way to go. Only the human was responsible for the direction of the inside journey. All others clamored on the outside of the trip.

This human had hidden pictured thoughts rainbowing all sorts of feelings. Some were flagrantly tossed around the outside while others locked up forever lost on the inside. Religiously science joined to police the sanity of insanity joined in a marriage of something called the system. All thus was flushed down a sanitized toilet into an foul cesspool. Somewhere a garbage heap claims treasured antiques that roll down the outside claimed by the few on the inside collecting this refuse.

Clarity fogs the outside in order to protect the inside. Water is changed into wine and wine is changed into a hangover. The human stands, sits, kneels then lay down inside the outside of …..!

I am awake again.

It is a task involving life and the living. At least that is what you are being told. You will desperately be in search of the one real person on Earth. You are being told to find him or her. All the people on the earth are illusions created in the mind of this one person, during this one life. The whole universe is the creation in the mind of this one person. Sight, sound, feelings are both physical and mental. You must question is it real, illusion or both. Science, Religion, love, hate, and even the weather. This is the world of this person whom you must find. The first challenge is: Is it you?