Unreal Quakes of Reality

There are things in the time span of life that are said to defy explanation. The truth is the explanations are too fantastic to believe and are tossed into the realms of insanity. Yet! The vastness of imagination exceeds light years of traveling thru space to reach a destination that is elusive to rationality. Unfolded here is an action of nature that created the Siamese twins born as the result of such notions as earthquakes and dimensional portals.

Earthquakes are know to everyone and mostly acknowledged, studied, explained and found to be accepted as the movement of earth sliding and scraping dirt and rocks about. Which is the simplest acceptance of an Earthquake reality. This interaction in nature causes something that is neither a disaster nor a boon of rewards. Miraculously the conjoined birth confounds the human mind into doubt and awe.

Some scientists ponder lay lines and portals to other dimensions. Vague stories of unworldly alien conveyances slip in and out of reported places throughout the vastness of earth. These portals hide in mountains, oceans, fields, caves and numerous other places nature deems to dedicate. The elusive problem is that the earthquakes effect the fabric of these time and placed areas. Leaving the bafflement of men to deny what is shockingly true. Earthquakes effect the portals of time and space surrounded in the fog of human minds.

Sometimes a so called ghost will appear when nature shakes open a dimensional door or window. Therefore humans, animals and even earth itself is shaken thru and to other existences. This circumstance may find a loved one on a milk carton or on a missing person/pet internet post. Imagine what it would be like to be lost forever in a familiar dimension that holds no form of familiarity at all. This occurrence may be as brief as a ghost ship that appears then slips away from sight. A questionable UFO may crash as the quaking shifts the portal door or window.

Whatever happens during an earthquake? It should be clear that time and space is altered by a natural Mother Nature occurrence that may be a joke of hers. The question lies in the existence of said portals or dimensions. What is it that you will chose to investigate or disregard?

Inside the Outside

A human was on the inside of the world. Twirling the contents of owner shipped material purchases only a being on the inside can twirl. Love and contentment slipped in and outside of illusions of this human. Limitations of a locked and unlocked mind continually devoured time served. Thus there was no inside without the outside nor an outside playing the inside. Which created tornado’s of dust when thoughts tried to plant themselves in a fertile mind field.

Confusion was the name of the horse this human rode. The journey was a continual fictional non fictional form of a theory that sometimes stumbled over fact littered potholes on the highway travelled. The road signs were plenty and pointed in all form of directions pointed up, down, sideways, true north and false south. Stop, yield, go, caution and other signs flipped their fingers on which way to go. Only the human was responsible for the direction of the inside journey. All others clamored on the outside of the trip.

This human had hidden pictured thoughts rainbowing all sorts of feelings. Some were flagrantly tossed around the outside while others locked up forever lost on the inside. Religiously science joined to police the sanity of insanity joined in a marriage of something called the system. All thus was flushed down a sanitized toilet into an foul cesspool. Somewhere a garbage heap claims treasured antiques that roll down the outside claimed by the few on the inside collecting this refuse.

Clarity fogs the outside in order to protect the inside. Water is changed into wine and wine is changed into a hangover. The human stands, sits, kneels then lay down inside the outside of …..!

I am awake again.

It is a task involving life and the living. At least that is what you are being told. You will desperately be in search of the one real person on Earth. You are being told to find him or her. All the people on the earth are illusions created in the mind of this one person, during this one life. The whole universe is the creation in the mind of this one person. Sight, sound, feelings are both physical and mental. You must question is it real, illusion or both. Science, Religion, love, hate, and even the weather. This is the world of this person whom you must find. The first challenge is: Is it you?

Always something!

Try to figure this out.  In the beginning was a little tiny atom.  This atom was on the eve of creation.  Atom and Eve.  Atom exploded and there it all happens.  Then atom and whatever was left after the explosion evolved into something.  Eventually man came about after a really long while.  Man then had to keep track of things so he invented time.  Before there was really no need for time but man needed to punch a clock.  Now a bunch of men and women started sharing a big round thing with a bunch of plants and animals.  The atoms were there with billions of tiny bacterial and microscopic teeny tiny things man could not see.  Now what?

Crawling out of men and women’s brains came thoughts, theories, that were formed out of their imaginations.  The now humans.  Decided the real stuff was decided because a majority of humans got together and believed in what the largest group of humans believed.  That only lasted until some humans convinced other humans that they were “educated” and they “studied” so they were the only ones who could decide what was theory and then turned their theories into reality.  Which was ok with the majority of humans who were just trying to survive looking for food and shelter. Another time consuming thing humans were also doing was entering each others pleasure holes to make other humans.  Men doing most of the entering with their strange hard muscles under their bellies.

That’s it!


I hear the silence of the living. It hisses. Listen. We all know this truth. There is no such thing as true silence. This is no revelation nor profound statement on hearing nothing. There is always something. A bird will quake the forest silence. Rivers will gurgle and spit at mountains whispering winds. To add to the comedy rocks will crash their heads and split pieces of giggling shards.

There is no silence.

Silence displayed in death? Screams of the damn shall eternally covet.

Man cheats life instead of death.

Most of us got it wrong. Men and Women do not try to cheat death. That is impossible and a fact written in stone that is harder to remove than the Ten Commandments. Every attempt to cheat life is historically proven thru the entire existence of time. Usually the attempt starts with little lies and explodes into a nuclear blast of reason that lasts a lifetime.

What happens is that life is attempted to be controlled. Revolution has bent life to a certain purpose. It happened in America, France and Russia to name a few familiar attempts to whip life into Constitutions. The result is that the main leader of people are the ones who benefit the most. The thinkers or shakers of such Revolutions swim into power bleeding masses of people endlessly for the genius of freedom. There are less graves for Generals than soldiers.

Improving life and changes during a lifetime are not always what one may believe as good or evil. It is something that is built into the living because cheating life is exceedingly easier than cheating death. Bending, controlling, reshaping, changing, improving life is a normal pathway with plenty of road signs placed along the way. The rubble of past civilizations found along the way is abundant proof. There are more bones hidden below the dirt then imagination can muster.

The meaning of all this? Means nothing at all. Again and again time will devour all eventually. Written history will change, be forgotten or simply erased to fit whatever mold is needed at the time. Victory changes with each stroke of the pen not with lost lives on the battlefield. So then do lies seep into rivers and oceans of the living history. Which is not all bad. Not all good. Not anything at all after death. What remains is the wind.

I am back!

I really do not know if you care or not that I am back with a story.

Just a reminder to you.  If you do not see any updates for awhile I am usually with the Aliens doing research on this book.  Sometimes they are experimenting on me and it is tough to write with those probes in me.  The placing of those probes are very distracting to say the least or most.

There is a story going around that if you step inside a crop circle you will come out with plans on how to build a spaceship.  It happens once or twice by mistake.  Aliens are not prone to give out plans on how to make a space ship.  It happens when a visitor to the crop circle accidently finds a stalk in the crop circle that has dropped plans for the spaceship inside.  This is very rare so please if you do visit a crop circle do not ravage or destroy them looking for these plans.  Your chances of finding one is like trying to find a needle on the bottom of the ocean floor in the vicinity of what was once Atlantes.  Sometimes spelled Atlantis.  So you see first you have to locate the place find the correct spelling of the sunken civilization then find the needle.  Then there is the question of what kind of needle and what size is the needle.  What was that needle used for and what is it made up of.  Is it a wooden needle or a metal needle or a needle made from Alien space material.  Is the needle engraved or not.  Does the needle have a circular hole or a oblong hole or no hole at all.  Does the needle have a point or something else.  Is it a needle at all or does it just kind of looks like a needle.  Is it an industrial needle or a general alien needle any alien can use.  Hopefully you will get my drift on how difficult these so called space ship building directions are to find.  Then the language of the plans are written in alien language.  So if you should happen to hear about a person going to a crop circle and finding plans to build a space ship.  Beware.  

Sorry probing time again so I have to go.  Don’t worry probing is not all bad it just depends on which alien is doing the probing and how experienced they are at it.  

50 Shades of Cat

I think my cat is into some kind of bondage thing. I adopted her when she was on Animal Shelter Death Row. She had 2 days left on the Cat Death Row when I brought her home. She is a old fat cat that wobbles when she walks. She is a marble color black and brown with very soft fur that my Grandpeople like to pet. Her name is Marquita Waddles.

Usually I call her Kitty. My Aunt was called Kitty and for some reason the cat reminds me of her a little. Anyway sometimes when I pet her she bits me. Sometimes a little nip other times a good, got a little blood there, bite. The strange thing she only does it to me. Don’t get me wrong she likes to be petted. She will actually get into my face and give me the, “pet me meow.” She gets on the arm of the couch and puts her nose as close to my face as she can get. Then the complaining to be petted starts. So I pet her. This is good for a few minutes then she begins her nip and biting thing. I just remembered, as I was writing this, she usually wants the petting thing after she plays with her mice on a string.

I tied two small pet store catnip filled stuffed mice on an elastic string. Then I tied it to hang from my hospital like tray I use when snacking and watching TV. This worked until I helped her play with it. Now she will only play with the darn string mice thing if I dangle it near her, She sits under the mice thing and makes a weird cat like crying noise until I begin to dangle it. I guess you can say I am like her human she dominates. I had a red furry thing with googling eyes she played with before this. She managed to rip that off the string and now carries the plastic part in her mouth with the string dragging behind. Maybe she thinks it is her whip. It is strange but it is plastic and she really is into biting plastic. She bites and chews my plastic garbage bags, candy wrappers, bubble wrap, plastic lamp shades, or anything that is remotely like plastic.

Thank you for reading this. If you know of any reason she is like this please let me know. She does not get along with other animals. She once nearly went thru my screen door trying to get a bird or some stray cat that comes around. She is declawed, was declawed when I adopted her, and is smart enough not to go outside. She did not go thru the screen door because she more or less waddle runs and can’t get up a lot of speed.

Enter laughing

Immediately after the baby was born. The first reaction to life was a smile then what seemed to be giggling. The doctors and nurses were startled and confused at first. Then when they realized what was happening they too began to smile then eventually laughed themselves. Thus proving laughter, and do I dare say, happiness is contagious.

The birth of children laughing is a rare occurrence. Yet. Surprisingly it does happen. God him or her self was smiling and laughing while creating. It was not until later that most babies were born crying due to the shock of life itself. That in itself did not stop some entering the world smiling and giggling.

Now what person in their right mind would be born in this happy manner? Maybe. They truly are the only ones born in their right minds. Who are these people? It is impossible to named them all or to when exactly this occurrence began. Jesus was one due to hearing the donkey immediately after his birth. In this lifetime some born were Will Rogers, never met a man or woman he did not like, he was later quoted as saying. Red Skelton, a comedian that always closed his act saying, God bless. Queen Elizabeth smiled and giggled only once. Immediately she gained her composure went regal and fundamentally cooed. Carol Burnett, a female comedy icon, when the doctor brushed her ear during birth, was another. I am sure there are many more that we will just never know about. Myself being one. To this day I have an urgent need to smile and wave at everyone I meet.

Well. What does all of this mean? I, to be honest, am not sure. It just occasionally happens. Why should it not? The task of living is not easy. There are innumerable challenges, pitfalls, disappointments, and troubles that sting living souls through out our short life spans. Surely then, why should it not be that most are born crying and afraid. Welcoming being born, what makes us we rarely question or acknowledge this phenomena?

The ho hum theory is that only Saints not sinners would be born laughing, smiling or giggling. This is very far from the truth. Anyone can be born in any way that it just happens. It is that strange millisecond of birth that causes this joy, or fear, that will be life.

What is the scientific proof? Absolutely none. Scientists are born to be pretty serious. They would just shrug off this notion of babies giggling and smiling upon experiencing the trauma of birth. The only other thing I can think of is that some inventors came along and invented happy things like ice cream that brought joy to the realm of the living. So you see it is all not perfect sense or a solid argument. It is just an argument not making sense at all. That, my friend, is exactly what it is suppose to be. Not an argument at all. Just a happy smiling giggling thought that some did enter life laughing.