Little Oval Girl

The Little Rock

Once in a moment of life a little girl found a rock.  The rock was very oval and very smooth.  It was the prettiest rock the little girl had ever seen.  The little girl new she had to do something very special with this rock she had found.  She took the rock home and thought and thought about that rock.  What could she possibly do?   One day, in school, the Teacher informed the students that a special day was coming up.  It was Grandparent day!  The Teacher said that the little children students could make something special and give it to their Grandparents.  This would happen on the next day in art class so the little budding artists would have time to think about what they wanted to create for their Grandparents.  The little girl immediately thought about her special smooth oval rock she found.

On Grandparents Day the little girl went to her Grandparents house and gave them a present that was wrapped in yellow crinkly paper with a big pink bow tied all around to keep the present safe and secret. The Grandparents were so happy to open the present and found a very special present.  It was a very smooth oval rock painted green like the color of grass.  All around the rock was painted all kinds of flowers.  The little girl said the flowers were Heather Flowers because her Grandparents had once lived in Scotland and told the little girl all about the Heather that grew in Scotland.  The little girl also drew some daisies, bluebells and other special flowers the little girl invented. 

There was a garden that the Grandparents had diligently worked on but could never could get the Heather flowers to grow.  The little girl told them that now they would have Heather flowers in their garden forever.  Everyone was so happy and pleased and the little smooth oval green grass painted rock, with Heather flowers and daisies and bluebells and other special flower, now sat in a special place in the Grandparents garden.

Years went by and the little girl grew up very fast.  Time made her Grandparents older and older and older as time usually does.  The little girl grew up to be a lovely woman and married a handsome man and had beautiful children.  They were very sad as time went by and the Grandparents decided to move on to heaven because they could grow all the Heather flowers they wanted up there.  The little girl, now a caring and understanding person, was sad but understood how time aged all the Grandparents in the world.  She was especially happy because her Grandparents went to Heaven on the same day.

 One special day there was an announcement that a new baby was going to be a part of this, now Mothers, family.  The whole family was excited and could hardly wait.  Eventually the doctor peeked into the Mother’s belly and found a little oval baby girl.

Time went by and everything was good.  The little oval baby grew and grew and made her Mothers belly so big that sometimes the mothers back would hurt.  The mother also ate a lot of silly food that her husband and her other children would bring her to keep her happy.

A few weeks before the little oval girl baby was to be born something very odd happened.  The little oval baby girl stopped moving in her mother’s belly and became still like a little rock.  The mother and family waited anxiously and finally the little oval baby girl came into the world.  Unfortunately the little oval baby girl would not wake up and continued to sleep like a little rock which could never ever be woken up.

The family had a little bed made that the little oval baby girl would be able to sleep in forever.  The earth would be placed over the bed in order to keep the little oval baby girl safe and warm.  There was a little cross with the name “Little Oval Baby Angel” placed by where the special sleeping place was.  It rained quite a bit that day.  The sun was out sending comforting warm rays to hug family that had rain ridden faces for the little oval girl.  Later on a very cold and sad season of Winter, crawled all over the land like it usually does. 

Spring did come around and as it brought new life to the land and this stirred the longing of the family, of the little oval girl, to go and visit her.  They decided to bring love and flowers to keep the little girl company as she slept and could never wake up. 

Once again the Sun made sure there were warm rays to help them on their visit.  All went well and even though sadness crept around touching each of the little oval girl Angel’s family.  Love overcame most of the sadness and after awhile they began to leave their sister to sleep forever.  Then there was a very loud THUMP that startled each and every one of them.  What was it?

There in the middle of the flowers, they planted, was a smooth green oval rock painted like green grass.  There were Heather flowers and daisies and bluebells and other special flowers painted on this special rock.   Where did that come from?  Finally the once little girl that painted this special rock whispered. Thank you Grandma and Grand pa we still love and miss you too.  Keep our little angel safe until we can come and finally wake her up and play in the Heather and daisy and bluebells and special flowers that you grow in heaven. 

There was always a little bit of sadness that never left this family.  There were also an Angel, Heather, daisies, bluebells and other special flowers too.

Not a Religious Article.

Then God said….”I didn’t say that!”

God did not actually write the Bible.  He dictated his words to the human race then the human race interpreted what they thought God was thinking or saying.  Thru the years God tried to fix that by talking to certain human individuals in what we may call Divine Intervention.  Prophets were also born to help get things right.  Finally after this did not work, as well as God wanted, he sent us Jesus.  Most of us know how that ended up.  Mary, Jesus’ mom, tried to help God as did Hindu, India, Greek, Roman and other deities in their respective areas on Earth. The final result was a lot of religions and a lot of words of God. 

One must realize the mind of God is just too vast and way ahead of mere mortal thinking.   The human race will not admit to this.  They would rather blame their lack of understanding on Adam and Eve eating the Tree of Knowledge fruit.

The Tree of Knowledge story is other words that get a little out of hand.  God did not really kick them, Adam and Eve, out of the Garden of Eden.  They ran out of the Garden and hid from God.  When God finally caught up with them they were so far away they could not find their way back.  God then took care of them in different ways.  God began to GIVE Adam and Eve knowledge so they could survive on their own.  God, knowing that this knowledge could only be given to them a little at a time, stretched the knowledge out over generations after Adam and Eve, and is still doing so.   Adam and Eve are back in the Garden which is what we now call Heaven.  This will be explained later to another human being when God is ready.

There is another thing that needs to be cleared up which is, Evolution.  God inspired Darwin and gave him the Evolution fruit of knowledge.   Adam and Eve’s creation slowed down God’s making life and God started creating things a little slower.  God had started to make the human race in this way. God also waited a very long time for them to get started while he kept an eye on Adam and Eve and eventually their children; which God would later assimilated into his new creations.  This way the children of Adam and Eve could slowly give, these evolution type creations, the knowledge they learned.  Eventually they all began learning together.  Some learned faster than others and that was also what God wanted.

It was also very very clear to God that when God interacted with humans a lot of misunderstanding of what God was trying to do was harvested.  The human beings also began fighting for the attention of God and well, the fruit of those results are pretty apparent today.  God did eventually choose some people to be special to him and the fruit of jealously began to ripen.  God was more frustrated than angry after Adam and Eve ate that Knowledge fruit so long ago. 

The things written here are a mystery as where the thoughts or words came from.  These ideas may be inspired by God but one will never really know.  That is probably because God is being a little cautious about telling the writer, that what is written here are in fact the Words of God!  The advice to the reader is, do not freak out!  Slowly take in what information is out there and be wary if someone tells you eating a certain fruit will automatically give you knowledge.  God wants knowledge to be learned and earned.  That is why he gave us TV and computers which is a little step up from newspapers and books.

God may or may not have approved these words. 

Historical Thinking Revised

 History Never Repeats Itself

There is a myth that History repeats itself.  The fact is that historians never repeat history the exact true way it happens.  If that were true only one historical book for every historical account would be needed.   In a childlike game a message is whispered into another child’s ear.  This message then is whispered again and again until finally it reaches the last child.  Depending on the number of children, the message is magically changed to something that may not even be the original message.  Imagine this happening over thousands of years. 

The Late Show is only for today but late. Even the first Late Today host is hardly remembered.  If we go back to the original date of the first Late Today Host we may get the right one.  Then someone will say what about Radio?  The first Late Today Host should be remembered as the first Radio Host of that day.  Nope.  The first Late Today Show Host was the first printer of the news or entertainment in newspapers.  Sorry.  The first person to write information on cave walls that was the first Host of Late Today information.  God then is the first Today Show Host because He or She wrote the Bible; which was written late or later. See the progression. Sometimes we forget the funny and get too serious.

If we remunerate further we maybe can imagine this scenario.   A book called “WHOS BOAT IS THIS BOAT?” Found over a hundred years in an attic or basement in some obscure forgotten box or some old dusty place like a library.  This book published by Simon and Schuster and by The Staff of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (The first Late Today Show host, which back then called a Report.)  

So then over a hundred years the book is found.  Maybe the first synapse firings of the person that found this may fire off thoughts that a children’s book was found.  The book could be also a Historical Book because a President wrote it.  That then would question what kind of President?  Sometime back the Office of the President in this Country was abolished by popular vote in 2020 for some reason that cannot remember.  So what does President mean?   

Therefore everything has changed.  The politics, the country, the way people thought and a bunch of other stuff that affected the passage of HISTORY from one generation to the next.  So what happens to the book next? It may get tossed away or sold at a book or some kind of look what I found sale.  There may have even been a solar storm or blast and there is no television, internet, car radio, or electronic stuff that was used over a hundred years ago.  So is history repeated?  Shall we say, in this case?  Will the history of this book be truthfully repeated?  The exact true historical fact may end up being that the ownership of boats was very important.  People were very sad if no one knew who owed a boat.  People that were called President were responsible to find out who owned the boats. Finally boats at that time were built and propelled by sexy legs in high heel looking shoes.

In conclusion Donald J. Trump (By Accident) explains why the person pointing to the boat has a red face.  He possibly got it after the Hurricane Accident he may have been involved in.  Or also maybe that he got the job in helping finding boats by accident?

(Please note I have no authority by anyone any organization to write this story.  Then again, a hundred plus years from now who gives a……historical care.)

Rococo Hellfire Club

“It is my right to the pursuit of happiness, as stated in the Constitution.  I pursued them then killed them; it made me happy.”

 The Courtroom was in a state of cynical laughter then quiet reflection.   The Judge realized that Pandora had opened another of her boxes.  The devil threw a party in hell.  God opened all Seven Seals all at once.  The angels began to prepare for Armageddon and Jesus shed heaven’s dust from his sandals.   The problem was the trial was on live Cable, Satellite TV and all over the Internet.  The News repeated it creating a tidal wave of intelligent idiotic reasoning’s. It did not go viral but vile.

What can be written after this?  Stories of the Spanish Inquisition?  Maybe, Insights and reflections on the Holocaust?   Groggily remembering a night after drinking and frenzied disco dancing?  The final results of a Presidential election even were not so horrifying.  The statement itself is not as abhorrent as the thought that went into it afterward.  Thinkers included liberals, Conservatives, Intellectuals, Comedians, and whatever sects or forms of righteous opinions made this tsunami roll.  Lead and mercury makeup was great for the first few times of use.  Too much ate away the skin.  So goes rational thinking in members only group settings. 

The guilty verdict would have a no brainer for people with any or no brains, so it was mulled. The Pursuit of Happiness conjoined with the killing convoluted the yea or nay sneezes.  If the perpetrator was happy, then in the pursuit of this happiness is the perpetrator’s right.  That is if happiness was the result of the pursuit.  Or so talk show hosts exploited, exploded, imploded as shekels doubled along with ratings that pleased all sponsored opinions.    

The Not Guilty verdict has possibly been the guiltiest verdict ever.  Guilty until proven innocent sits on the scales of innocent until proven guilty which the blindfolded lady holds before her.  In a side joke Justice is told, after she is blindfolded, that she is holding a lantern not scales.  Worse yet being blindfolded she cannot tell if the lantern is lit or unlit.  Finally embolden in stone she is silenced and unable to speak.  This is Justice displayed that is embraced by the masses.  If explained to a physically blind human entity, the explanation of this Justice representation may elude them, as they try to peek beyond the blindfold. 

Punctuation, tone of the story teller’s voice and poetic license is forcefully instructed to children as how to interpret a story.  People’s cultures face extinction not by physical means as much as mental negative social norms about their culture exact self extermination.    The Pursuit of Happiness is not in their Constitution but is in the exclusive foreign language of others.

A childhood conversation concluded that Hitler wrote My Camp, a book about German Boy Scouts.  The Bible is said to be the word of “God.”  E=mc2.  The Earth is round and the universe is Infinite.  Everything is proven mathematical equations that even the aliens elsewhere in the universe use.  Prayer is the answer for all problems.  There is no life after death but there is an afterlife.  God, The Great Spirit or Super explosion began life.  DNA, RNA, water, atoms, fire, air, earth all exist in a vacuum called life.  Seeing believes the seeing after believing.  Something has to be true.  Is it a good day to die or a good day to live?  What happiness does one pursue?

Revelations of Revelations

Revelations of Revelations

Why am I here?  What makes me alive? Where do I go from here?  Who put me here?

I know the answers to all these questions.  So do you.  The problem is that these questions do not want to be answered.  If they were then what would be the fun in that?  Just think for a moment.  You win the lottery.  It is a 100 billion trillion zillion win.  All the money in the universe is yours plus some.  Now what?  You have an infinite supply of wealth to buy whatever you want.  There is the “word” buy.  That is what you do with money.  You buy things.  Unlike earning or creating or producing something that takes work, planning, time, effort or whatever.  You buy when you have an unlimited source of money.  That is not a bad thing.  You can finance the dreamers and creators and make more profits from their ideas.  In a way then you are creating a world that you want.  You chose and pick the future of mankind because you can, “buy.”  I hope you get that what you buy are people.  Money attracts people who will prostitute anything for your money.  Therefore sex or love if you imagine that, is something money will purchase and be put on your tab. 

Now we can start revaluating in the revelations.  Let us start with, “Where do I go from here?”  You have all the financial resources as explained above.  After a time you will have gone thru fake friends and fake everything.  Now once again you realize you are alone.  You were alone when you were poor; you once again are alone and you are rich.  Maybe a dog or some pet will be keeping you company but basically you are on the mountain top and you are seeing a life of financial security.  The problem is that it is a few years later.  Time has gone by and you are getting, “old.”  Old in the sense, that people are fed up with you.  People will simply move on because they will never have what you have.  Old, aging you! What next.  I give you immortality.  Now you are rich and immortal.  You live people die, you stay rich and healthy at the age you want.  You are physically sound forever.  No health problems, no hurts, no pain, no diseases of any kind.  Everything around you is deteriorating but you.  Once again you buy what you need to and continuing shaping your world.  Are you having fun yet?

What makes me alive?  Even though you are immortal you still wonder.  What makes me alive?  What is immortality?  Here you go again.  You are eternally financially secure.  You are immortal and still what goes thru your mind?  “What makes me alive?”  Amazingly you may realize that immortality and riches are not the answer.  Still you are definitely not ready to give them up. So it is that mortal or immortal, rich or poor you still have the same questions.  So just because the riches and immortality are just fictional stuff, you go back to reality.  Which is poor mortal you.  The reason you are alive is because of sex.  Sex the pure and simple slam bang process that ends up biologically working to be you.   Why am I alive?  Sperm and egg brothers and sisters, alleluia!

Who put me here?  Sex not being the answer that is good enough for you, something else has to be.  Lovers and sex not the answer.  You are a living intellectual being.  You want “ANSWERS.”  You need something or someone to blame for your existence.  So you make a list.  God, Higher Power, Aliens from outer space, evolution, osmosis, regeneration, or anything your mind can conjure up.  This is little tricky and sometimes it is just easier to accept what someone else conjured up.  Like religion or some cult form.  Now again you have an answer.  That nagging question again pops up.  Where do I go from here?  Where ever you want.

I then lead you to the big question.  Why am I here?  “Where do you want to be?” Yep, it is that simple.  Well, being the intellectuals we are it cannot be that simple.  If it were then you wasted a lot of time finding that out.  You, and I, need a bigger more mind blowing answer.  So how about we are born so we can die.  In between we ask a lot of questions because we do not want it to be a simple answer.  Again where do we go from here?

Death is the final rapture.  Don’t be so surprised.  Death is something no one really wants.  Just die and that is it.  Maybe if your life was so evil or disgusting to all of humanity, death is just death, the end.  I and you want more.  Maybe a spaceship will come to pick up with a God of our understanding steering it.  It does not really matter.  Some of us may have a ghost of a chance, a little humor there, and float around on Halloween.  It does not really matter.  The final and true answer will always be life then death

Revelations of Revelations is that there always was an answer but mankind cannot intellectually admit that.  You don’t want to and I don’t matter.  That little circle of life or existence we create in our minds thru religion, fantasy, magic or just plain day dreaming is what we want.  Simple answers are just too complicated for me and you sometimes.  We want more riches, life, knowledge, health, and answers for more answers. 

In my conclusion I have offered you really nothing.  You have a life go die for it. That is my Revelation of Revelations.

Firing off memories

I am sitting here and all of a sudden my memory synapses just firing.  I am a toddler in a store.  I am with two of my sisters.  They  give to me a metal wind up toy. Next memory I am playing with it in a round steel tub that is in my backyard.  The tub is full of water and I am having a great time watching it splash around in the water.  The next memory that fires is I can see me crying.  My sister is yelling at me saying something like, “How stupid are you?  It’s not a water toy!”

Skipping to another memory.  I can see my sister reading me a story about a cow.  There are pictures in the book with a moon and spoon.  The story somehow states that the cow jumped over the moon.  Can’t remember what happened to the spoon. I then ask my sister can a cow really jump over a moon ?  She says no that is just a silly story and cows could  never jump over the moon.

My next memory.  I am sitting on a huge rock that sits jutting out over a river.   The sky is clear and there a millions if not billions of stars out.  I am in awe and wondering how beautiful the universe is!   Also I am wondering if the LSD I took is enhancing the experience.  What ever I am in the midst of a wonderful trip.  Then as  I look out over the river I see the reflection of a full moon in the river.  Wow!  Then it occurred to me I could prove my sister wrong about the cow and moon thing.   So I stand up and walk back a bit.  I measure in my mind the distance between me and the moon.  Checking the moon in the sky and the moon in the water.  Then with a rush of euphoria I run and jump over the moon’s reflection in the water.  I seem to soar over the moon in slow motion; I  grab my legs ending  up with a cannon  ball landing into the water.  The moon  was reflecting itself over shallow water and lucky for me the soft muddy bottom cushioned my fall.  I had the satisfaction that I did what was impossible for the cow.  Next time I told myself I would check the depth of the water first.  There never was a next time.  Though it was one of the greatest exciting and emotional experience I had up to that time.  I ended up in later life to become sober and drug free.  Sitting here now and thinking about this I am wondering would the experience without the LSD be even better?

So I close with the warning do  not do this at home.  Getting a massive rocky boulder and having a river flow thru you abode is not advisable.  Then there also is the drug warning aspect.  Although if you find yourself sitting in the middle of the night on a hugh rocky boulder hanging over a river and the moon is out.   If while you are there and you have a memory of reading about a cow jumping over a moon.  I









On air, take two.

Some people lives are God’s private comedy shows. The Truman Show is a movie I think most of us can relate to. Everyone has a life that is full of everyday drama, sadness, comedy, love and infinite possibilities. No matter how one tries sometimes life is interrupted by lengthy commercials that we wish would go away. Sure. We can pray them away, wish them to dissipate, or simply just go to sleep.
Fate says the scripts are already written and we just have to show up reading lines that will form our existences. Astrological predictors play us for our hopes, fears and mainly our coins. Miracles interplay with magic folding our minds into realms of possible outcomes. Like a cat playing with a mouse at the end of a string most of us just give life a bat now and then. Hoping the result will be the pleasure of the moment even sex always leads one to a sticky situation.
The makers of music, art, novels and other such divisive undertakings pass us by like clouds drifting where the wind sends them. The price of the rain falling from these human inventions of mind and matter? Payment equals the quantity of how much will be drunk. Too much of a good or bad thing will drown any undertaker taking all to the egress of finality or eternity.
Whatever happens. There are animals to pet. Hands to be held. Lips to kiss and haters to hate. Thus one day the sun will go out to warm something in some other way. Life will find whatever it finds. Words will be written and mostly unread. If read will feed minds for a few seconds or more. Then something will begin again after all or after nothing, repeating or not.


On Air

Some people lives are God’s private comedy shows.  The Truman Show is a movie I think most of us can relate to.  Everyone has a life that is full of everyday drama, sadness, comedy, love and infinite possibilities.  No matter how one tries sometimes life is interrupted by lengthy commercials that we wish would go away.  Sure.  We can pray them away, wish them to dissipate, or simply just go to sleep.

Fate says the scripts are already written and we just have to show up reading lines that will form our existences.  Astrological predictors play us for our hopes, fears and mainly our coins.  Miracles interplay with magic folding our minds into realms of possible outcomes.   Like a cat playing with a mouse at the end of a string most of us just give life a bat now and then.  Hoping the result will be the pleasure of the moment even sex always leads one to a sticky situation.

The makers of music, art, novels and other such divisive undertakings pass us by like clouds drifting where the wind sends them.  The price of the rain falling from these human inventions of mind and matter?  Payment equals the quantity  of how much will be drunk.  Too much of a good or bad thing will drown any undertaker taking all to the egress of finality or eternity.

Whatever happens.  There are animals to pet.  Hands to be held.  Lips to kiss and haters to hate.  Thus one day the sun will go out to warm something in some other way.  Life will find whatever it finds.  Words will be written and mostly  unread.  If read will feed minds for a few seconds or more.  Then something  will begin again after all or after nothing.

Prayers Answered?

The demise of prayers are falling out of folded hands ending in clenched fists. Not God’s fault. All prayers being heard will bring out the victory that has presently taken refuge in the thick fog of patience. The Holocaust angels have taken up awaking horseman of the four. Atmospheres of dread, suspicion and depressing thunder roll out that drum beat dying souls encounter. The darkness side of humanity has once again arisen from the dead.
Biblical armor rebounds gathered in timeless dust. Gods Warriors take up shields and weapons. Jesus himself will execute all orders enfolding by a warm breath from God.
We prayed and surely we die. Why does these awful persecutions burn us? The moral now the downtrodden. Immoral evils leave bloody footprints smearing all roads men now transverse. Dice throw are loaded with bounties of ill wins. Why must mothers and fathers witness deaths of sons and daughters? These are the oldest of rumblings history has witnessed during shaking earthquakes of humanity.
The unmistaken physical rapture turned out to be the loss of faith and prayers good men and women no longer believe in. No longer said. No longer granted. The gumball machine is empty.
Remember. Gods Warriors. They will accompany The Spiritual Leader arisen again. Israel will once again be replenished thru rain that will fill rivers, oceans and revive life. The next flood will drench life on a sand sized planet in a vast universe of darkness. Thus, repeating the insignificance being defeated again by the significance life strives for. The power of one folded hand praying to the Creator. Prayer answered.  As prayers are requested to the Creator.

Why humour is bad.

Tripping thru the universe of the Internet is far different  than personal conversation.  Take in consideration in the one on one or party group experiences.  Most living entities,  the human kind, try and fail badly at trying to get a laugh or smile.  This occurs after expelling various words that are related  or unrelated.  Then exposed.  These words try to exist in a plausable or intelligent sentences or confusion of words that scuffle to be intelligent.  The end result is making humour bad.

I am guilty of this on various numerous occasions which is beyond counting.  The hardest writing I have ever attempted is sarcasm; basically anything I put on paper or the internet.  Therefore I would like to  apologize if anyone is offended or confused as to  the meaning of my Senior Brain synapses firings.  My younger brain functions as a writer were far much worse and confusing.  Especially waking up with a word hangover the next day.  Not to  mention the alcohol and drug consumption during these expulsions of written verbiages.

Presently the bunch of English letters used to mash up cranial information to pass on to whatever poor reader happens to stumble into my erroniously useage of the English, American and United Kingdom stuff.  Mentioned because of my association and experiences rolled up into my language.  Not to mention the inclusion of Polish, Irish, and German parts of my DNA folded into my entity.

To some extent.  Experiences of all two legged, somewhat souls, grouped together as something called humanity.  In reflection to the above written correspondence to you. I would like to end with.  As to the ideas typed.  Not only does this apply to this one biological blood, water and other organ. Also described as a flesh covered existing miracle of life.  As in regard to who or whom may be included in these ramblings.  Not only can I identify with this reflection of life.  Which are included is the question.

But, are not we all thrown into this arena of thoughts wrapped up in something that is unfolding  second by second.  So who is included to the relation of fictional or non-fictional personal books written?   In terms of making sense.  Are not we all?