Monty Python had a song in,”The Life of Brian, Always Look on The Bright Side of Life.” If I have offended any human reading these silly takes on home sequestering or Covid-19 Virus. I cannot say, “Get A Life!” Because frankly no one has a life right now. How about, “Enjoy life’s silly anythings.” Don’t be a defensive offensive critic. Read on eating your favorite snack. Have a hug. Carry on.

Talk Show stay at home TV. I kind of like it. Maybe after this is all over some of these Stay at Home shows will continue. News from a Reporter at home is better than those Fireside Chats President Roosevelt had way back in another history. Friendly and more personnel like next to a fireplace kinda thing. Sitcoms could be in real homes with real people. Crime shows showing Murders in the Home. Real Sex with real couples. Kitchen Cooking or outdoor BBQ live and in the Home. Fixing cars in garages with amateur mechanics or professionals. We have some of those now. I am thing attached garages or driveways. How about, “What’s Being Delivered Today,” shows. Whatever one can think of consisting of non studio TV. People that have trouble sleeping could turn on people actually sleeping. That should help out some insomniacs. Children playing board games. Adults playing board games. Senior’s playing board games. Poker and Solitaire card game shows. A new You Tube would be awesome.

That is it for now. My crazy writings will continue in the future. Watch my show, “Sitting in front of a computer typing stuff,” show. It will be awhile for the show to start. I only have a throw away camera I bought in 1986. It should still have film in it. Do throw away camera’s make movie type stuff?